In the famous museum ship appeared ghostAdmiral Nelson’s wives

In the sea dock of the English city of Portsmouth there is a 104-gun
battleship HMS Victory, first launched in 1765
year and has seen many sea battles. During Trafalgar
the battle of 1805 aboard this ship was mortally wounded
Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, who commanded the English fleet.
Today “HMS Victory” serves as a museum, but the death
outstanding military leader is still closely connected with this place.
So, one of the tourists who visited the ship recently, claims that
here the ghost of the lord nelson’s wife appeared for a short while
mourning her husband.

According to 33-year-old Tony Ferguson, on March 9 he recorded in a museum
the video below. The video shows the mysterious
female figure in an old-fashioned dress strolling around
ship cannons. Ferguson, who calls himself a professional
a ghost hunter, claims that he, as soon as he saw this
the ghost on the camcorder’s monitor rushed at lightning speed into the next
room to see the mysterious lady with my own eyes, however
her trace disappeared (or she was invisible to the eyes). Researcher
paranormals convinced that it was the wife of Admiral Frances
Nelson, who survived her chosen one by 26 years. After the death of her husband
Frances mourned him continuously and often ached. She is married more
did not go out. It is believed that the spirit of this dedicated woman periodically
visits the place of death of his beloved.

Tony Ferguson says:

�HMS Victory has long been known for its ghosts. A lot of
eyewitnesses were met here by the phantoms of Horatio Nelson and his wife. With
their lives the spouse of the commander regularly visited him on this
ship and i’m sure her spirit still appears here. I
incredibly amazed by what happened. If I saw a ghost only
with my own eyes, I would not even tell anyone about it.
However, it was perfectly captured by my camera, while
as eyes, on the contrary, were powerless to see anything.
Doubting the ghost also fails: the fact is that in the museum
There are no workers who dress in vintage clothes, and could not
would a man just evaporate in the air, going into a corner. To me
managed to get another proof of the reality of the afterlife
life, there is no doubt about it.

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