In the forests of the United States found “alien”viruses

A strange thing, but on the territory of the Harvard Forest of the USA scientists
Массачусетского университета обнаружили вдруг странные viruses,
which they called giant or pandoravirus. The fact,
that these, obviously “guests of our planet”, have almost nothing to do with
terrestrial microorganisms.

Заметим, что гигантские viruses были выявлены совершенно
by chance. Scientists for several years have watched the above forest with
The purpose of studying the impact on the nature of global warming in the world. AND
suddenly … it turned out that something was lurking in this green oasis
truly shocking, clearly from the number of anomalous and unexplained
point of view of established views on the microcosm of our planet

We are recognized as one of the university staff involved in
A study by Harvard Forest eventually uncovered 16 new
viruses – giant and amazing. In the desire to isolate
microorganisms in order to understand how the temperature rise on
Earth affects their lives, we found in this microworld
such “monsters.”

These “monsters” of the microworld, scientists say, are difficult to
организованной генетической информацией, которую загадочные viruses,
everything else can easily be changed. Such properties pandoravirusov
look so fantastic that researchers even became
talk about the alien origin of these microorganisms.
It is possible that they were brought to Earth – either by meteorites,
either by the aliens themselves (this is someone you like more). In any
случае на Земле прежде такие viruses просто не встречались. When
they appeared and therefore, no one yet knows. Or maybe it’s
древние viruses, которые долгое время были законсервированы во
ices, and now they are “waking up” due to the global
warming? ..

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