In the former mental hospital phantom photographedpatient

Dawn Kershaw, 50, visited a former psychiatric hospital the other day
Newshamps Park Hospital in Liverpool, where, according to urban
legends, there are numerous people from the other world.

The woman became a participant in the so-called “ghost tour”
abandoned hospital. She and about twenty other enthusiasts walked.
in an empty night building, accompanied by an experienced guide, wishing
to see, and even better to capture the ghostly shadows on the camera.

The Englishwoman went to the chamber “E”, where there was no time
especially irresponsible patients, and took a picture of an empty corridor there.
Only the next day the Briton looked through the images.
and I saw something in that very picture that made me even cold
out of fear. Dawn admits she never had a special faith
in supernatural phenomena, however, what she saw at this
The photo forced Kershaw to reconsider his attitude towards mysticism. AT
the frame seemed dark human figure, which at the time
the shooting was not there, at least the woman did not see her. And stood
this ominous shadow right in front of our heroine!

The Nyshem Park was opened in 1874, and it was closed
in 1949 due to lack of funding in the postwar years.
Once here, by the way, there was an orphanage, and they say that in
the empty building is still crammed by the spirits of the unfortunate boys and
girls, because sometimes they hear voices and even laughter.
The rest of the local ghosts, as you might guess, belong
бывшим patientм лечебницы. Dawn Kershaw suggests that she
I managed to photograph exactly the phantom of the deceased patient,
because the volumetric shadow in the image is too high and does not look like

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