In the former mental hospital photographedphantom

User of the popular entertainment resource “Reddit”
posted on the site an interesting photo. According to the young
man, this picture was taken by him recently in the Kings Park community
State of New York. Our hero and his friends visited the abandoned
a psychiatric hospital that worked here from 1885 to 1996.
According to urban legends, the hospital is populated by numerous
ghosts of former patients.

American says:

This place has been abandoned for 20 years. When we were there,
they did not meet anyone in the hospital. That day we turned out
the only group of researchers who went there. I
I photographed my friend’s camera on the smartphone’s camera when he was standing and
looked into one of the chambers. Amazingly but in my picture
imprinted dark figure at the end of the corridor. I не привык верить во
half a turn but i never denied existence
supernatural. What do you see on this image? I вижу
human body and legs are clearly a ghost.

I увлекся индустриальным туризмом и городскими
studies a few years ago after stumbled into
The Internet on the video of one guy who has been doing this already
long. Since then, I have visited dozens of places where supposedly
paranormal is found, but only now I managed
take a picture of something unusual. I очень сомневаюсь, что это был
homeless or other lover tickle your nerves. We examined
the whole building, visited each floor and went into each room, but
did not meet there other people. At least the living …

The presented picture received very enthusiastic comments from
many regulars “reddit”. Quite a few users of the site reported
that this is one of the most impressive evidence of existence
immigrants from the next world. Naturally, there were skeptics who
suggested that it is still an ordinary person, graffiti on the wall or
the play of light-shadow. Be that as it may, the snapshot caused a heated discussion.
among site users.

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