In the Gulf of Mexico is growing rapidlydead spot

World environmentalists are sounding the alarm: in the Gulf of Mexico in the west
The Atlantic Ocean is rapidly expanding second largest
on Earth is an ocean dead spot. This huge zone is practically
completely devoid of oxygen, therefore it is almost uninhabitable: in
it can no longer live fish, shellfish and other important ecosystems
marine organisms. This lifeless site was first discovered.
last year and since then it has increased significantly in

According to the forecasts of American scientists, by the end of the current
, the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico will reach an area of ​​17 thousand
square kilometers, stretching from Texas to Louisiana, and in
next year will exceed the area of ​​Israel. Total on the planet
today there are about half a thousand of such spots, however,
which was formed off the coast of the United States, grows downright with
unprecedented speed and threatens to beat breaking all records. If a
it will continue like this, in this region we can expect a real
ecological disaster.

Who is to blame for the appearance and growth of this dead

Of course, the lifeless zone appeared here not by itself.
Officially, the responsibility for what is happening, the US authorities lay on
American farmers. Fertilizers that are used in local
fields constantly fall into the Mississippi River, which in turn
flows into the bay. Phosphorus and nitrogen, which are the main components
these fertilizers provoke intense flowering of unicellular
seaweed With the growth and reproduction of algae they are absorbed
all the oxygen, causing the ocean area to become live
sense of the dead.

However, conspiracy scientists disagree with the conclusions of scientists, believing that
the main reason for the growth of the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico
are not agricultural wastes, but Cynthia’s carnivorous bacterium,
artificially bred by american scientists in the lab and then
hastily, without properly studying the effects of this experiment,
released into the bay to combat oil spilled into huge
quantities after the accident on the company’s drilling platform
�British Petroleum. Unfortunately, the bacteria Cynthia (more about
read this in the article “Artificial American Bacteria”)
chose oil the animal underwater world of the Gulf of Mexico, and
having demonstrated tremendous “gluttony”, rapid reproduction and
resistance to any means of dealing with it. By the way, scientists are so
and have not yet found the means against Cynthia, and therefore are cutting with
sick head to a healthy, that is, with its criminal negligence
and short-sightedness on the usual work of farmers who, it is necessary
notice and always used phosphorus and nitrogen as
fertilizer, but somehow it did not hurt before
Gulf of Mexico …

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