In the ice of Antarctica buried a giantUFO?

In Antarctica, increasingly began to find alien traces, and that’s
famous ural ufologist Valentin Degterev shared with
Internet users with their new find – and this again
UFO, found them on the most mysterious ice continent
Of the earth.

Discovered a diamond shaped ship made of some kind
silver metal. Its size is amazing – thirty meters in
length and twenty – in width, so that this UFO is commensurate with
a twelve-story house, Valentine says:

blockquote>Понятно, что наша земная цивилизация еще не
creates aircraft of this form, and even more so
giant sizes. Looking through photos of Google Earth,
I stumbled upon this object quite by accident, apparently
Alien ship crashed here hundreds or maybe even thousands of years
backwards And it survived because it lay under the ice. Ship
can be traced in layers of different years, and therefore I concluded that he
is here a long time Its coordinates are
72 ° 32’41.03 “S, 68 ° 20’1.84” E. So find and see for yourself if
don’t believe …

On the side of a mountain in the place of Antarctica indicated by the ufologist in
There is a mysterious object, very similar to
alien ship. However, it is safe to say that this
Internet users say, you can only organize
expedition to this unique find. However, if NASA or anyone else
and venture on such a step (will find money), then a wide
the public will not get much from this anyway. In the best
If you say that this is a melting mountain peak or something in this
kind, at worst – generally keep silent.

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