In the inaccessible caves of the Grand Canyonresearchers have abnormal changes

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona – by itself
fantastic place, as if transferred to Earth from another planet.
It is not by chance that it attracts tourists from all over the world. Even
just admire these fabulous pictures – breathtaking
(watch the video).

However, the Grand Canyon itself is poorly understood due to its
hard to reach areas. Naturally, tourists in such “jungle”
nobody lets in, even scientists rarely come here …

All the more interesting and exciting was the challenge
before the Arizona State University research team, members
which decided to get to the most unknown places of the Big
canyon. And they seem to have succeeded, because, with difficulty
(even had to crawl) and considerable risk to life, reaching
the inner caves of the canyon, scientists in one of them found a completely
life unknown to us, formed here millions of years ago and
never in contact with our civilization.

Mysterious purple and bright yellow creatures that have discovered
the researchers in the cave of the canyon, at first called in them only burning
interest to the extent to study each of the organisms of this
colonies as thoroughly as possible to its genetic structure.
After all, it is simply amazing: how this life flourished
here – in a completely barren place, devoid of light and water (this
Is not a sensation for those who are looking for life on other planets, where
living conditions are completely different from those on earth).

But here with the scientists began to happen just fantastic things.
This is how the biotechnology specialist Bradley Laska describes them:

We began to notice that something incomprehensible was happening to us: we
ceased to be tired, physically strengthened, became clearly stronger and
hardier. And all at once, that was like some kind of
fiction. We did not stop sharing these with each other
startling discoveries that were more like delights
occasion of positive change. Then suddenly … we are all, without exception,
began to see the same dream. He was very strange, his even
difficult to put into words, but it was attended by these cave
creatures, and they obviously called us somewhere, beckoned, we wanted something
show … And while we were trying to find everything going on
some kind of scientific explanation happened another fantastic

On the next oddity of the mysterious Grand Canyon cave
Bradley Laska did not spread, just hinting that this
goes beyond our view of the environment
of reality. Scientists allegedly simply do not have the right to distribute
This information, which is also a complete mystery for them. It’s all
equal to promote mysticism. Science never sinks to
this …

Well, we just have to be patient and wait for
or the scientists themselves will provide something else for the press, or journalists
They will get more juicy details of this investigation.
However, sometimes they are just fantastic, but quite
natural in such cases things when researchers like
mysterious phenomena suddenly disappear, go crazy, acquire
some incredible abilities, and then it’s all hard to hide – and
it breaks out, becoming the property of the general public.
True, I must admit that in such miracles there are always few
believes. An ordinary person (average man in the street) feels
yourself better and safer in a world where everything is simple and clear, where everything is possible
to sort through the knowledge put in his head since
childhood …

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