In the jungles of Ecuador found amazingglowing artifacts

A treasure of unique ancient artifacts was found by Elias’s expedition.
Sotomayor. In remote mountainous terrain in the southeast
Ecuador turned out to be a 90-meter tunnel in which travelers
unexpectedly discovered over 300 ancient stone products.

This finding has caused many questions for researchers. Everything
these items are made with incredible precision, and some of them
glow in the ultraviolet mysterious bluish glow. Why
this miracle happens and what materials were used for
manufacturing luminescent masterpieces, scientists can not say
so far.

It turned out that none of the artifacts found were executed.
representatives of any famous local culture. Carved
on stone, signs and symbols were attributed to early Sanskrit. it
unbelievable since the ancient literary language of India does not have
nothing to do with the Americas and refers more to
cultures of Asia, Europe and North Africa, there is even an opinion that
Sanskrit has the greatest affinity with the Russian language.

One of the products of this fantastic find is
miniature pyramid, topped with an image of a human eye,
therefore, the idea of ​​the connection of this symbolic
subject with the mysterious illuminati. Its height is only 21
centimeter, and its similarity with the famous symbol on the dollar is just

Another amazing discovery was the figure depicting
royal cobra However, what’s interesting is that these snakes never
were found in America, so how did the ancient people learn about them
people – another secret behind the seven locks. In addition, figurines
the pyramids and the cobras glow under ultraviolet light. Modern science
known a lot of minerals capable of this, but humanity
began to use them for such purposes only at the end of the 20th century.
It turns out another mystery …

In the cave there were also jade bowls made with
perfect cleanliness processing. it наводит людей науки на мысль, что
ancient masters had tools similar to modern

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