In the Krasnodar Territory mystically lit updolmen

Amazing news came from the Abinsk district that
located in the Krasnodar Territory. In the middle of the forest in the village of Shapsugskaya
неожиданно засветился вечером один из dolmenов. Hole
the oldest building shone in the twilight with neon light, striking
random eyewitnesses. The latter managed to capture a striking
phenomenon on camera.

The incident immediately interested the local journalists,
wishing to find out the nature of the alleged mysticism.

Dolmens are called both stone tombs and cult
buildings of ancient tribes, and even buildings of alien
civilizations. In the Caucasus, there are about three thousand such
objects erected in the third and second millennia BC, and
they are shrouded in many myths, indirectly confirmed
observations of witnesses. In Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik and, in fact,
Шапсугской станице dolmenов имеется больше всего в РФ.

The film crew decided to find out why it glowed
dolmen, отправилась в лес на закате. Native resident Natalia
Musienko, who photographed an unusual glow in the stone
built, willingly made a company to reporters. It turned out that
речь идет о корытообразном dolmenе, высеченном в толще кварцевого
sandstone and slab covered on top. The weight of the structure is about
thirty tons. Musienko believes that large and seemingly
случайные ямочки на dolmenе выстраиваются в карту звездного неба и
indicate the constellation Cassiopeia, however what does it mean, a woman does not

This curious story ended, alas, uninteresting. Employees
The media failed to capture something that evening.
remarkable. Mysterious photo of Natalia is the only
proof that something unusual happened here. By
at least, the installer recognized that the shot was not
subjected to processing. However, some of them suggest that
it may be a reflection of light in the camera lens or something
like that.

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