In the lunar crater discovered”telecommunication tower”

Enthusiasts, leading popular ufological YouTube channel
�”Third Phase of Moon”, found another proof that
natural satellite of our planet is not at all desert and

In one of the pictures of the moon, received by the American national
the space agency turned out to be a huge crater with a mysterious
object right in the middle. The object looks symmetrical and
man-made, as if it was specially erected there.

Many users of the World Wide Web have stated that
suspected extraterrestrial structure suspiciously looks like a tower
Vordenklif – telecommunication tower, created in 1903
Nikola Tesla for wireless power transmission and
provide communication. Is there anyone on the heavenly body closest to us?
erected a similar design? Conspiracy therapists believe this
very likely.

No wonder many suspect that the great scientist-visionary received
their knowledge from representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Tesla and myself
repeatedly hinted that he spoke with aliens
by radio communication, and the “green men” told him a lot
interesting. They say that it is on the orders of more than great
the inventor tried to destroy his premature discoveries,
which could bring humanity more harm than good …

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