In the Martian photo found “alien” inthe cave

Irrepressible ufologist and truth seeker Scott Waring did
another loud statement. According to a Taiwanese researcher,
he looked at pictures of Mars taken by an American rover
«Спирит», и обнаружил на одном из фото затаившегося в the cave
alien Here is what the specialist writes:

Friends, I found this reptilian face on Mars, looking at
light from the darkness of the cave. It seems that the alien
decided at that moment, to attack him on the rover or stay in his
shelter. It can also be assumed that this creature turned out to be
scared by the advent of the robot. Finally, I do not exclude that it was not
a living organism, and a long petrified remains. Anyway, before
us an incredibly interesting find. It would be great if NASA
Then the rover turned and captured the reptiloid more qualitatively.
It is a pity that the agency does not fulfill the requests of ordinary people like us with

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