In the Martian snapshot we found the “flying saucer” andtrail from her fall

Famous ufologist George Graham, viewing photos of the Red
the planets made by the Curiosity rover again found something on them

In one of the pictures showing Martian sand,
An incomprehensible dark object appeared. He looks suspiciously like
�”Flying saucer”, as if straight from the old fantastic
the movie. In addition, the researcher noticed the alleged next
from the fall of this “saucer”.

However, the finding of a ufologist is not so simple:

  • first, the mysterious object has absolutely tiny dimensions,
    which is not too consistent with our ideas about space
    alien ships;
  • secondly, despite the fact that the trench in the sand looks very
    realistic and volumetric, the alleged fallen UFO seems to be in the picture
    flat, as if cut out of paper stencil.

For this reason, many commentators have suggested that
the mysterious “plate” is the result of the work of NASA censors.
Perhaps they are so clumsily painted over in the frame much more
remarkable anomaly. It is possible that she also had
disc-shaped form with a turret at the top.

George Graham notes that his new discovery once again
proves the simple truth: Mars is not a deserted planet, and
In addition to sand and stones, there you can find a lot of amazing things and

The famous ufologist does not agree with the opinion of some
conspiracy therapists that the entire NASA Mars mission
�”Played out” again on Earth, as was the case with the Apollo, allegedly
not flying on any moon. All this is too masterly
presented and played out in such a case, he believes, and
without a single blot, except perhaps similar landscapes (Martian and
desert terrestrial) yes blue martian sky which
employees of the American Agency for some reason painted in yellow
shine. But this is not proof of mystification. Especially because
other “Martian evidence”, a completely different plan, employees
NASA for some reason all the forces trying to hide. Something’s not here.
converges …

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