In the near future cars, ships and aircraftwill be wooden again?

Just do not be afraid: progress never goes back, and
here are wooden hulls and spare parts made from logs,
rather, a new round in the development of technology materials, although in some ways
it is commensurate with the old – plywood.

Of course, the tree will now be used in a completely different
quality – we are talking about unique cellulose nanofibres that
light as a tree, and at the same time stronger than steel. According to
scientists, by 2020 in the world there will be the first cars from such
super light and super strong material. That is, this is a good
In all respects, material will replace steel in the next decade.
in the automotive and aircraft industry, and there shipbuilding will be pulled over
these leading industries. Already today the most far-sighted
car manufacturers (primarily components for them)
rely on the combination of nanofibers and cellulose.

Someone will surely remember that cellulose nanofibres are not
is something new for science, it is already now with success
used, for example, in the manufacture of ink, transparent displays and
etc. All this is true, but so far this material has been
too expensive, and therefore uncompetitive to others, let’s say, more
cheap carbon. However, nothing stands still today
scientists have found a way to reduce the cost of cellulose nanofibres, and therefore
conventionally wooden cars, airplanes, ships and much more – this
no longer a fantasy, but a reality that is already knocking on today
our door.

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