In the near future, humans will not be able to flyto space

Creating increasingly sophisticated spacecraft, humans are few
think about the fact that soon we will simply not be able to fly
to space — из-за космического мусора, который все более копится на
orbit the earth.

Today it is already there – a huge amount in the form
spent parts of missiles, non-working satellites, various debris
of terrestrial origin and so on. Moreover, all this
increases exponentially, and therefore soon
через весь это мусор будет невозможно пробиться to space. Wherein
the number of satellites on

Of course, some attempts in the fight against space debris
are being taken. For example, Russia, the USA and China are developing
various programs looking for effective ways to destroy this
garbage. So, American scientists are currently working
space harpoon to collect space “waste”, but all this while
remains at the level of projects and ideas, while the development and
запуском ракет to space сегодня занимаются уже не только
state corporations of leading countries, but also numerous
private companies.

Some scientists even fear that the cosmic
garbage around the earth is dangerous in terms of attracting attention to our
the planet by aliens. However, this danger seems
naive compared to what we soon will not be able to not only
go to the same moon, but even launch artificial satellites
in order to ensure the urgent tasks of the earth plan.

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