In the Netherlands, road markingsdriving by the music

Not far from the Dutch village of Yelsum appeared
a unique road that will surely laugh you with its unusual
property. However, people living near her start
gradually go crazy about it.

The fact is that local authorities recently ordered to provide
roadbed with special rubber bands that play
a melody (namely, the local anthem) whenever it passes by
car or motorcycle. At the same time the movement is lively.

According to officials, this should be encouraging.
motorists with motorcyclists and make them stick
speed limits. Music only appears if
the vehicle travels at a speed of about 64 kilometers in

Despite the fact that it is quite resourceful and, at first
a glance, a harmless idea, its authors did not take into account one important detail:
Near the “singing” road there are people who have to listen to this.
music almost around the clock. Especially pensioners who
may not leave their homes at all.

Watch the video below and introduce yourself to
place of villagers who can not sleep at night from the endless hymn.
Immediately after the asphalt was supplied with this innovation, local
residents harshly criticized the project. As a result, officials
promised to return the road to its harmless state, that is, to remove
singing tapes.

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