In the old abbey captured kissingghosts of lovers

60-year-old Englishman Ron Bowers recently visited the “ghostly”
excursion in Lincolnshire and quite by chance became during her
witness a possible supernatural phenomenon. Moreover,
The eyewitness managed to capture the supposed paranormal on
very clear and high-quality picture.

Our hero tells us that he went with his children to
875-year-old Revesbs Abbey, located near
the village of Revesby. The man and his offspring became participants.
�”Terrible” tour, during which all those present tried
discover something abnormal in a historic building, for example,

When the group took a break and for a while left the sinister
Catholic monastery, Bowers noticed an incomprehensible haze near
buildings and once photographed her smartphone. Only
subsequently, the Briton was surprised to realize that by chance he filmed
A couple of lovers come from the thin world.

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