In the old building captured somethingunusual

The ancient building “The Village” in the English city of Mansfield
The county of Nottinghamshire has long had the glory of a damned and populated
various evil spirits. Since the 70s of the last century, this place
turned into a real Klondike for researchers
supernatural apparitions and ghost hunters. In the walls
structures often notice phantom shapes and glowing balls.
In addition, there are constantly heard the mysterious sounds like
quiet whisper.

In medieval times, the building served to execute heretics,
fallen women, criminals and people accused of witchcraft. BUT
after World War II, a slaughterhouse opened here.
It is not surprising that a place with such negative energy is teeming with
various anomalies and “greetings from the past.” Several days
back 41-year-old Tanya Kopman and her 47-year-old husband Jared from Norfolk
We received very impressive evidence at The Village
existence of paranormalism here.

Spouses say that they visited an ancient building with
terrible story solely for the sake of idle curiosity, not even
hoping to run into some devilry there. Couple made
inside the building a few photos without noticing during the shooting
nothing unusual. However, when Copmans viewed later
a few days of taking pictures at Z Village, then suddenly
discovered on one of the frames something mysterious and truly

In the darkening depth of the basement, directly under the ceiling, imprinted
an inexplicable silhouette suspiciously similar to being separated from the body
human head. Estimated anomaly resembles a head
men with luminous eyes and an ominous grin. When Tanya and
Jared sent a photo to The Village’s administration
building “ghostly” excursions, then received the answer that it
sure about the spirit of the monk who was decapitated here at the very beginning
16th century.

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