In the old photo found an inappropriate ghost insunglasses

The ruins of Lesnes Abbey, located southeast of
London are one of the most popular tourist destinations.
Of England.

Catholic monastery was founded in 1178 by ceremonial
official Richard de Lucie. As with any other
british historic landmark this place is shrouded
many myths and rumors about supernatural phenomena. For example,
many local urban legends relate to people from

Once the abbey was surrounded by impenetrable forests, and it was believed that
they were inhabited by the spirit of a novice, executed because of a romantic connection with
a woman. Over time, the forest disappeared, but it is claimed that
you can still see a ghostly figure at night, sadly
walking around trees that no longer exist. It is in that forest
the monk allegedly secretly met his beloved.

Another myth is that in the ruins of the abbey can be found
the phantom of a medieval rider on a horse shining with his
armor in the light of a bright moon.

The other day it turned out that an interesting proof of presence
here paranormalschiny was obtained in the 30s of the last century.
Suddenly, a mysterious photo came up, taken a lot
decades ago near the former monastery and showing
translucent human figure (in the lower right corner).

Karen Southbury, who accidentally discovered this picture in the photo archive
his grandfather James Preston, suggests that the ghost is dressed in
jacket, leggings and shoes. His mouth is open and there are
Sunglasses on the face. The latter is especially curious
since the first sunglasses even became massively
produce in the late 20s, products specifically of this form were
Invented much later.

Is the photo captured the chronomirazh in the form of a ghost man
from a later time? ..

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