In the old picture was an Indian withsmartphone

In 1937, the Italian painter Umberto Romano created a painting
�”Mr. Pynchon and Springfield Settlement,” which depicts a meeting
between American Indians and English settlers,
held in the seventeenth century in Massachusetts. But only
now, eight decades later, one attentive connoisseur
art found on the canvas something amazing that can
be real proof of time travel.

William Pynchon was a successful fur trader and founder
the city of Springfield on the east coast of the Connecticut River. Picture
Umberto Romano demonstrates an English colonist surrounded
their compatriots and Native Americans. However, in this
rather chaotic scene there is a very strange detail,
which should not be there. One of the Indians sitting in
canoe holding a black rectangle that is hard to confuse with
anything else. This is a smartphone! The way an Indian placed an item in
hand and how he looks at him says that it is really
modern gadget.

However, how is this possible? Why did the painter provide one of
characters of his work in such a subject? Pictured on
the picture, the events took place four centuries before the invention of the first
smartphones and the canvas itself was written in almost seven
decades before. The artist, who died in 1982, no
I haven’t made comments on this, no one has told him about it
asked. As mentioned above, this intriguing detail
caught the eye of specialists only today, and quite
by chance.

Art critic Margaret Bracak reports that this thing is indeed
resembles a smartphone, however any premature conclusions
not worth doing. Historian Daniel Brown is convinced that this subject
is an ordinary mirror or, more likely, a bible.
But Dr. John Crone of the University of Pennsylvania believes
that it can really be a misplaced artifact, however
the gadget was transferred by someone from the future not to the Indians, but, of course,
the artist who wrote this picture with a special meaning that can
understand only descendants. And we, it seems, have already understood …

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