In the old theater filmed a strangelevitating item

Ghostbusters Tim Mathews and his unique team of
South Yorkshire decided to visit the abandoned Old Nick Theater,
located in the city of Gainsborough, English county of Lincolnshire.
And they managed to shoot something mysterious here.

The building of this theater is ancient, as they say, especially
attractive to ghosts, especially since it once died
25 people, which makes this place especially sinister and frightening. AT
such a building, according to Tim Mathews, must necessarily be found
some kind of devilry. ATот поймать ее на видео и задалась команда
brave explorers of the underworld.

Of course, all video filming was done in the infrared range, which
allows you to snatch from the darkness and even non-existence amazing
manifestations of the subtle world. As expected, firsthand hunters
for ghosts almost did not notice, and did not even hear anything
suspicious in the old theater during the night stay in it –
ghosts seemed to lurk and did not want to
�”Photographed.” They probably thought so: found these fun
crazy, and we are here they posed and entertained …

However, when viewing the footage, one of
participants of this “scientific walk” noticed clearly paranormal
fragment: at the moment when his colleagues leaned over the table,
standing in the middle of the stage, into the camera lens “flew” out of nowhere
taken a piece of paper. ATот как прокомментировал все это сам Тим

This is clearly a sign from the subtle world. ATо-первых, никто из нас не ронял
a sheet of paper on the floor, we remember that for sure. ATо-вторых, он летит совсем
not as if it were a real sheet, especially from the table.
Look, it appears as if from nowhere, crosses the room and
even rises up on its own, which is already supernatural.

A little later, Tim Mathews admitted that in one of his dressing rooms he
still noticed the shadow. Of course, it was very fleeting and almost
unreal, but at that moment for some reason goosebumps ran
body, although the paranormal researcher has seen and not
many years of similar contact with the subtle world. Moreover,
the researcher immediately thought for some reason that this is the shadow of an actress, although
don’t even know why …

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