In the Pacific, a whole “continent” ofgarbage

Not everyone knows that in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean
сравнительно давно образовалось колоссальное скопление garbage.
Experts call it the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,
Pacific Garbage Dump, Eastern Garbage Continent and
other “talking” names.

The spot is actually already becoming the size of a continent, and scientists
sound the alarm. Researchers have determined that over the past year
the garbage bin has become several times larger, and today its area is 3
times the territory of France! With this cluster of plastic
bottles and plastic bags continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

The appearance of the Great Pacific Garbage Spot predicted
back in 1988. American scientists followed the currents of the Pacific
ocean and plastic drifting on them, determining that most
this waste will accumulate as a result in one place. These predictions
confirmed a few years later, when the water was
found from the plane a huge garbage formation. Journalists
called it an exceptional example of world pollution
the ocean.

Today it became known that the area of ​​pollution is already
over 1.6 million kilometers, and the weight of waste exceeds 100
million tons. Plastic is not biodegradable and under
exposure to the sun only breaks up into microscopic particles.
Many marine animals eat them, taking to
plankton. At least 267 species suffer from eating
этого garbage. Moreover, microscopic plastic is now everywhere, in
including seafood that man eats. A circle
locked in – we are using plastic waste not only the world
the ocean, but already myself …

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