In the passenger plane almost crashedUFO

On Wednesday, March 21, Australian traveler Kerry John and his
his wife flew over Turkey, heading from her homeland to Athens. About
at half past four in the evening local time the couple noticed something
strange in one of the right windows of the airliner.

Above the clouds, a mysterious dark object appeared that left
a long train. UFO находился невероятно близко к самолету и,
according to the spouses, at some point even moved on
towards them, however, quickly corrected the trajectory of his flight.
John says:

At one time I was in the Canberra ufological community.
Мы тогда изучали различные случаи наблюдения очевидцами UFO, однако
what I saw over Turkey stunned me. This object was
determined to be close to the plane, since its angle
about us changed quickly enough. At such a high altitude
the air becomes very clean and clear so i’m sure that
it could not be any atmospheric illusion. My wife noticed
unidentified flying object shortly before i started shooting
him on camera phone. We were very scared when this thing
flew to us, but to a part, everything worked out. I do not think that the pilot
данного UFO был настроен к людям враждебно. His maneuvers were just
a game or some specific, not understandable to us, task …

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