In the Philippines, a shadow hit the camera lensperson crossing the street

Security cameras are sometimes caught in the lens completely
amazing things for example ghosts that the human eye
often just does not notice.

Something like the other day recorded DVR
installed at one of the shops in Pangasinan province of the Philippines.
On the next day, the staff began to look through the records and
were unpleasantly surprised by what they saw, and some of them
scared. The fact is that the video captured the shadow of a person
which crosses the street with very heavy traffic

However, judging by the record, cars and motorcycles do not cause this
the ghost is no inconvenience: it calmly and slowly crosses
busy road and hiding on its opposite side.
Note that the drivers themselves do not notice anything, none of them
slows down in front of this mysterious shadow.

This is what one of the store’s employees, Michael Forto, says.
who was literally shocked by what he saw:

I used to think that this is only possible in movies or fake
videos that periodically appear on the Internet. now my turn
I know for sure that all this is not fakes and not fairy tales, but ghosts
There really are.

Note that on the following day passers-by noticed a similar shadow.
near the vegetable stall, which is not far from the place
where the ghost rolling over was taken on a video camera. Turns out
that now he even appeared in the eyes of people!

Another worker in the area is Jenny.
Renalto told local reporters about her suggestion that
it is, and its concerns about this:

I think this is the dead soul of the deceased or deceased not
by the death of a man who lived somewhere near here.
It is possible that his desire in revenge holds in our world.
now my turn каждый раз иду и с опаской оглядываюсь — страшновато,
especially in the dark …

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