In the picture from the online auction foundghost

On the famous New Zealand web auction “Trade Me” found a very
unusual and sinister lot. Some man recently sold round
mirror in a thick wooden frame. The announcement was supplied
a photo showing the mirror itself and the reflection of its owner
in him. However, site regulars were completely randomly found on
The picture incomprehensible mysterious detail: behind the man in the mirror
отражении явно запечатлелся ghost – полупрозрачная женская

Naturally, many users immediately felt that this
ghost. Alleged foreigner is clearly dressed in a dress
Victorian era, which prompted the idea of ​​a female image
данного ghostа. Is this one of the best evidence?
reality of the afterlife? The ad quickly caught the attention
at least 4,000 people, and 57 users placed the lot in
category of interest. On “Trade Me” you can ask sellers
questions, so the owner of the mirror was immediately filled up with questions about
possible phantom in reflection. Unfortunately, the man left all
one short answer:

I can not say what it is
excuse me.

It is noteworthy that soon the item was purchased by a person
wish to remain incognito (commonplace at auction).
It is difficult to say that the unknown buyer was more interested:
the mirror itself or the mystical thing that it showed. Exists
many researchers of supernatural phenomena who are ready to buy
any artifacts that have anything to do with

By the way, we note that mirrors, like no other object,
perfectly preserve the memory of all who once looked in them.
Mirrors are also considered the best conductors in parallel.
worlds, including the afterlife. So in the ghost that suddenly
reflected in the old mirror, I think, there is nothing unusual –
from there the former owner glanced at us, and the present owner
This interesting subject may well even make contact with
ghostly stranger …

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