In the picture of Antarctica found a giant�”Metal disc”

Virtual archaeologists viewed recently satellite photos
Antarctica and unexpectedly made a new amazing find. On
one of the aerial photographs showing the ice continent from a height
bird’s eye, lit a mysterious object that looks like an ideal
Smooth and flat dark metal disc with light edging.
The diameter of the find is at least hundreds of meters. Enthusiasts
are convinced that nature could not create anything like that, that is
before us is clearly man-made product.

The south polar ice continent is the object of numerous
rumors, disputes, speculation, urban legends and conspiracy
theories. Some are convinced that there are ruins under the ice of Antarctica
ancient civilization of, say, Antlantis. For others, there
hidden underground facilities representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.
If you believe the third, in the so-called New Swabia, or “German
the Antarctic sector “, which Germany is still formally
makes territorial claims, hidden advanced military
the base you built here before or during World War II
Third Reich.

Be that as it may, the discovery of virtual archaeologists is suspicious.
looks like a classic “flying saucer”, as if from
sci-fi movie. Many ufologists are convinced that speech
really talking about the crashed aircraft in Antarctica
�”Green men”. Maybe the alien spaceship is already here.
long ago, however, because of the melting of the ice, did you notice the “plate” just now?
In a word, no one knows the truth yet, but independent
researchers can at least put forward a variety of theories
hoping that one of them will ever be true.

Moreover, check already a lot of suspicious
material about this mysterious continent in principle does not represent
special work (this is not to fly to Mars), goodwill
at least one of the leading countries in the world, say, Russia. But … such a will
for some reason there is no trace, as if to look for brothers in the mind in the distant
space, discover the secrets of the moon, other planets and even the sun itself
easier and cheaper than doing something like this in the mysterious

No wonder that such irrationality in actions and actions
orthodox scholars and governments forcing conspiracy therapists
just wonder, but also put forward all sorts of theories about the world
conspiracy about silence by the elite about something very important for
humanity or even deception of the general public. And similar
virtual archaeological finds, like today, once again
convince independent researchers in the correctness of their findings
regarding the most secret territory of the Earth …

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