In the picture of the British leading foundghost

Not so long ago we wrote about the British Amethyst Realm, which became
guest of the popular TV show “This Morning” and told her,
what is the intimate relationship with ghosts. 36 year old holly
Willoughby, one of the hosts, was quite intrigued by this.

Now it turned out that she may have some connections.
with people from the thin world. At least one says so
of Willoughby’s fans, who managed to find something mysterious and
frightening in a random snapshot leading.

The other day, a woman posted on the social network “Instagram” snapshot
their sons and daughters playing near the house during a snowfall.
Some observant fan of Holly noticed that near the brick wall
a small bright object appeared in the background, suspiciously similar
on the human skull. Many commentators immediately stated that this
common pareydolic illusion caused by falling flakes
of snow. However, other users of the social network felt that
it’s still about the real paranormal, and asked Willoughby
be careful and keep an eye on her offspring.

Holly, by the way, really needs such advice. In the past
year she said she was very afraid of ghosts and other devilry.
Moreover, the British woman suspects that the Victorian house, in which
she lives with her husband Dan and three children, maybe populated
phantoms of former owners. At least her statements are like
Willoughby’s fans believe that they indirectly prove that
The picture presented on the Internet is actually impressed
ghost. True, this does not mean that he is dangerous: maybe
he just watched the children at that moment, and on occasion he guards
them from the dangers of our world. No wonder there is a statement that
you need to fear not the dead, but the living …

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