In the picture of the moon, the researchers sawrectangular structure

The popular Scottish ufologist George Graham, who discovered on
photos of the moon a lot of amazing anomalies shared with
their subscribers information about their new find.

A researcher reports that he looked at pictures of the natural
Earth satellite made by the Chinese automatic interplanetary
Chang’e-3 station, and noticed on one of the frames a perfectly even
black parallelepiped of impressive size! But how is it

Skeptics constantly accuse ufologists that they give out for
anomalies of various bizarre-looking stones, but here they are
arguments will be powerless. Nature, devoid of right angles, could not
create a rectangular parallelepiped on the moon. The fact that it is
three-dimensional object, that is, a real, and not some random illusion,
indicate the lighting and shadow cast by him. Turning on
the video below, you can see this
amazing find with my own eyes.

Just do not expect global sensation, says Graham with regret.
Scientists will either ignore this news or get off
a statement that the fault of the camera or something
Togo. From them you will not expect not only the truth, but even the slightest
interest in collaboration with independent researchers
The moon

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