In the pictures of the mission Apollo 10 found a giant UFOover the moon

The famous ufologist Scott Waring never ceases to amaze with his
discoveries designed to prove to the world community
the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations at our side. The other day
Researcher reviewed images taken by Americans in May
1969 during the Apollo 10 mission, and unexpectedly discovered
three shots something weird. Above the surface of the moon was distinctly
imprinted shapeless white object of very impressive dimensions.
Waring wrote on his website:

On August 8, I discovered this image on NASA’s 50-year-old images
anomaly. This unidentified flying object is similar to some
giant space jellyfish rotating around its axis and
rapidly changing shape. The described UFO is strictly in the middle
each frame, so I have no doubt that the astronauts
NASA perfectly saw him and photographed specially. I am very
curious what it could be. Maybe a spaceship
aliens? Or a separate rational being? The more we about it
we learn, the more we want to know something else, while hidden and
uncharted …

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