In the post-mortem experience of a neurosurgeon to believemuch easier

The description of the afterlife after clinical death has already become
so frequent and mundane that few are truly
believes. In addition, scientists studying the work of the human brain in
the moment of departure, they prove: all posthumous visions are no more than
�”Residual hallucinations” (you can call it anything, for example,
brain trick) of an already fading consciousness that clings to life
by any means, “inventing” paradise for yourself (or even hell, just not

Famous American neurosurgeon, Harvard Eben teacher
Alexander, of course, was among the skeptics who did not believe either
one story of returnees after clinical death.

The most interesting thing, he writes today in his book “Proof
paradise “that I, like most Americans, is a believer, but
this does not bother me or, apparently, the rest of the religious people
live and not believe in some mythical afterlife.

As you already, true, guessed fate (or, most likely, the highest
forces) “joked” over Eben and his skepticism (not for nothing that the great
Indian yogi Sri Aurobindo argued that the Most High is the great
joker), having once sent a PhD to the same clinical death –
Journey into the afterlife.

And the soul of Alexander falls into an amazing place, which he
He calls paradise, because that world for all the sensations of a neurosurgeon was
so unlike ours, and at the same time captivatingly beautiful
and exciting that it is difficult for him to pick up any other
definition of available earth.

In that paradise, says Eben, he spoke with an unfamiliar girl,
which literally radiated love. She told him that he was here
nothing to be afraid of: he is loved, they are very cherished and he just cannot
do nothing wrong.

And then the neurosurgeon was shown truly spiritual things, oh
which he had not had the slightest idea before. But the most
it is interesting that after the return of Eben from there, his biological
parents (Alexander grew up in a foster family) sent him
photo of his sister Betty who died in 1998, about which
knew nothing – it was the face of the girl who met the scientist
in Paradise…

Eben did not understand then why he was given such an honor – to see
Paradise is still alive, because that beautiful girl Betty is right away
warned the scientist that he would have to return.

And Eben Alexander is back, and if you say on an earthly basis: came out
from coma. After this out-of-body experience, the scientist decided to write
the above book.

Why? There is a simple explanation for this, he says. I already many
wrote various scientific papers, I do not know whether they have brought benefit
humanity, and here is a book about the afterlife of a neurosurgeon, doctor
sciences, teacher of Harvard, I think, will certainly bring it,
because in my posthumous experience, in its veracity, many believe
It will be easier than in a similar experience of a simple man in the street. And believe –
It means to change spiritually for the better. Therefore, even if my
the book will help in this just a few readers, I will assume
that he wrote it for good reason …

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