In the reflection on the astronaut’s helmet foundstanding on the moon man in jeans and sneakers

Well-known ufologist and virtual archaeologist George Graham,
Speaker on YouTube video hosting under the pseudonym Streetcap1,
made a new amazing find.

Looking at NASA’s lunar mission photos taken from the archive
US National Space Agency specialist
focused on the reflections in astronaut helmets – and not
miscalculated. On one of the pictures in the astronaut’s spacesuit glass
seemed mysterious humanoid figure, but without
any cosmic apparel!

If you zoom in and view this image located in
free access, there are indeed a lot of questions. Who
it’s such? How did he get on the surface of a natural satellite
our planet? Why it does not have a bulky suit with a weighty
backpacker? Is this a person or something completely different? Streetcap1 hurried
share your discovery with the users of the World Wide Web, and
among the regulars of the Network heated disputes immediately flared up.

Reflection of a Hollywood, alien, or other employee
an astronaut?

So, many commentators have put forward materialistic, but together
so a very curious theory. According to them, this picture allegedly
from the Apollo 17 mission, is actually another
evidence that the landing of Americans on the moon is
a hoax. Such users state that, if desired,
reflection you can see a man in a jacket with a hood, jeans
and sneakers. It could have been one of the workers who created the secret.
Hollywood Studios copy of the lunar landscape. No wonder it is claimed
that NASA even resorted to the help of a famous director Stanley Kubrick
(there are his confessions in it) to deceive the whole world.

Other commentators, it is not difficult to guess, are convinced that this
no not a film studio employee, but a real representative
extraterrestrial civilization. If you believe some ufologists, then
Americans still flew on Selena, however they faced there with
aliens who immediately made it clear to earthmen that man
nothing to do on the moon. Such conspiracy therapists believe that
NASA secretly reported this in 1972 to Soviet and European
scientists, after which the world people of science made a unanimous decision,
that we no longer need to visit other celestial bodies.

Finally, there were also the most inveterate skeptics, who saw in
a reflection of just another astronaut. They say because of the bulge
the glass he looked from this angle is much less heavy than
actually appeared. Streetcap1 does not exclude the possibility
however warns representatives of the american space
departments that if they suddenly delete this photo from
your archive, it will be the best proof of the correctness
conspiracy therapists. In addition, the author of the find intends in this case
independently distribute a suspicious image. However,
now it is, thanks to George Graham, and so scattered across
Internet …

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