In the rivers of North Carolina disappearedwater

In the small rivers of News and Pamlico of North Carolina USA
вдруг пропала water. Like these little arteries in one night
dried out.

These rivers flow into the Bay of Pamlico Sound. Flowing near and
eating from the ocean, the rivers, like “twins”, always behaved very
predictably: they constantly changed the water level depending on
tides or running winds. True, in 1989
water levels in these rivers fell to a record low –
approximately one meter.

But such that the rivers suddenly dry overnight, there is no
never happened Locals are concerned that this is due to
environmental disasters that plague america lately
time. Some of the locals even suggest that
climate weapons, madly used by the United States or Russia.
Mad because nobody knows how to manage Nature, and
Is it really possible? ..

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