In the Russian museum captured the inexplicableshining sphere

In the Uninsky Museum of Local History, located in the Kirov
area, paranormalschina started up. At least so say
frightened employees of the institution.

They say that the security cameras captured the other day
вечером на первом этаже здания крупную shining sphere,
materialized in one of the halls. She soared in the air over
sex and behaved, just like a living creature, changing several times
speed and direction of movement.

To a speck of dust or an insect in front of the camera lens, this mysterious
the object is completely different. What is it then? Energy
essence from a parallel world? Local workers suggest that
they got the real ghost. At the time of shooting in the museum
there were two people – they noticed the anomaly on the monitor
security systems. One of the employees stayed at the screen, and
another went to check everything personally, but did not see anything in the hall
unusual. So, the supposed devilry could be seen.
only with a recording device.

It is noteworthy that this year the Uninsky Local Lore Museum
moved to Kirov Street, where the cemetery of Uspenskaya used to be
churches. Once at the new location, the staff of the institution immediately
felt the presence of something frightening and inexplicable. Now,
when something strange suddenly fell on the surveillance camera, workers
the museum no longer doubts that the dead remained in the building
the spirits of those who were buried on this earth.

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