In the Sahara desert was a major snowfall

In the Sahara Desert, located in the north of Africa
continent and known for its dry, hot climate, passed
snowfall. The sands were covered with a 40-centimeter layer of snow that
puzzled the world climatologists. Scientists believe that global
climate change has long been out of control, and will continue
only worse. If in Russia this winter has stood out unusually
warm in many other parts of the world are now observed
abnormal cold, for example, in North America are terrible

The following video was taken recently
from the Algerian city of Ain Sefra on the northern edge of the Sahara. Local
residents were amazed by this natural anomaly, because
last decades snow fell here only three times, and even then
as abundant as it is today. To extract the maximum of what happened
pleasures, Africans began to shoot the white desert on
photos and videos, as well as playing snowballs and sculpt snowmen. Eyewitnesses
they say that a real blizzard arose here first,
then the weather cleared. Thick layer of snow almost all day
lay on the sands, and now began to gradually melt.

By the way, for the Sahara, global climate change may be
quite a welcome occurrence. Scientists suggest that such
the pace after 15 thousand years, the largest hot desert of the planet
will again become green and turn into a paradise, which she and
was in ancient times. Green Sahara, turned into
lifeless desert, according to anthropologists, made our
ancestors to leave Africa and settle in other parts of the planet
(although this is one of the versions that has recently been exposed
serious criticism even from orthodox scientists who are not
agree that civilization originated in the African

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