In the salons of economy class aircraft will appearstanding places

Designers from the Italian company Aviointeriors Group offered
air carriers rather strange way of today
passenger transport. It’s no secret that many
commercial airlines are constantly striving to cram in salons
economy class as much as possible passengers. Narrowing the width of the seat
decreases the distance between the seats and rows. However, then,
what the Italians are offering should break all the anti-comfort records
during flights.

Employees of the Aviointeriors Group have developed a concept
vertical seats that will allow poor passengers
fly almost standing up. Such equipment should allow
to accommodate a salon for 20 percent more people. Still worth it
note that this is not entirely about standing, as in a minibus or
trolley bus. An unusual place is more like a bicycle saddle,
equipped with a backrest, armrests and seat belts. Until
someone is enjoying champagne, lying on a soft chair in the cabin
first class and watching television, other passengers will be “sitting
stand “very close to each other.

Pros and cons of standing places in airplanes

However, designers try to look at their invention
as realistic as possible. They suggest using such seats.
exclusively on short flights. For example, a flight between
the Scottish islands of Papa Westray and Westray lasts less
one and a half minutes, and such “ramming” of the passengers would allow
reduce fuel consumption of the airplane and, as a result, cost
of flights. Innovation, by the way, has already become interested in budget
Irish airline “Ryanair”.

On the Internet, there is a discussion of this “tempting”
Aviointeriors Group offers. Some users call it
Jesuit and unpromising because they see planes of the future
more comfortable and roomy. Others believe that during
short flights in a few minutes (within half an hour)
it is quite possible to stand in such a chair, especially if the ticket with
this will be much cheaper. Russian netizens here
they remembered the late satirist Mikhail Zadorny, who
told how pilots in Russia “throw up” passing to Tyumen
passengers, and those (surprisingly Germans who want to become
oil workers), of course, fly while standing, while drinking beer, spilling
him on the heads of the seated “lucky ones” – and nothing. And there after all not
a minute and a half to fly, and about three hours …

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