In the skies of Australia walking in the cloudsmysterious figure

In the clouds, more than once and not two were shooting mysterious defendants,
who for some reason choose such an inappropriate place for walking
a place. However, to call these vague figures in the clouds very people
problematic. They don’t even pull on the aliens – mysticism yes
but only.

Another foggy human figure was shot the other day in the sky above
the Australian city of Sydney. And although, as the author of the video,
the mysterious object was filmed by three video cameras, video quality,
to put it mildly, not so much.

Paranormal investigators have suggested that this may
to be some kind of humanoid, for example, from a parallel world. Some
Network users even considered the astronaut’s helmet, and therefore
felt that space jumps were flying in the clouds. True,
where it came from is not clear. And why not fall, and not even
especially flies, but as if walking through the clouds? ..

Or maybe it’s a puppet, skeptics-wits ask maliciously? AT
anyway, such cadres make you think: materialists
look for plausible explanations within the framework of physical laws,
mystics – even more to believe in the incomprehensibility of this world,
созданного ATсевышним…

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