In the sky above Adelaide captured on video�”Dance” pink lightning

How beautiful and fascinating it is – judge for yourself. �”Dance”
Lightning is a rare natural phenomenon, and it is such a heavenly miracle.
captured on video resident of the Australian city of Adelaide.

This is what the author of the video, Caleb Travis, says about this:

I just could not believe my eyes that all this
happens in reality and that I managed to witness so
rare celestial phenomenon. Take video – generally good luck! Am I really
not a professional in video filming, and even filmed all this beauty on
smartphone. But can you imagine how great it is to see firsthand –
as if in a fantasy or some kind of fairy tale. It’s a pity,
not for long …

Hundreds of pink lightning that just rage in the sky, yes it is
Zeus himself played out right at that moment, many users say
The Internet. Of course, Travis was lucky, it’s not easy
rare celestial miracle, it usually lasts nothing at all, but
therefore, to remove such a “dance” is a great success. And for all users
Internet – the opportunity to admire this heavenly orgy though
would be like this, through the video.

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