In the sky over Cape Town noticed chronomyrage -flying city

Of course, that it was certainly a chronomyrage, and not a UFO or even
quite earthly aircraft, you can not say for sure, but
mysterious vision that arose the other day in the sky of the port
Cape Town South Africa, watched and even videotaped many

It was amazed by the eyewitnesses that the ship-city seemed to be floating across the sky, in
which one could notice various buildings and structures,
however, made as if from glass and metal. Here are just residents
This fantastic city no one was able to notice, as well as
hear at least the distant noise of his city life.
Futuristic residential air island silently sailed over
Cape Town, whether to show off in front of its inhabitants, or
performing some kind of intelligence mission.

This is why many have suggested that this is a chronomyrage, which
sends today’s Africans to their long gone
highly developed civilization, where there were such cities – with
skyscrapers, bridges and other delights of the ultramodern

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