In the sky over China again noticedchronomirages

July 23 this year, the inhabitants of the Chinese city of Jinan in
Shandong provinces observed a mysterious phenomenon. In the clouds above
the city seemed dark translucent outlines of high-rise
домов и башен – очередные chronomirages в небе Поднебесной.

�“Phantom skyscrapers,” as local journalists call them,
appear in the PRC relatively often, and none of the scientists can
explain the nature of this phenomenon. Independent researchers also
disagree on what it is:

  • одни считают, что это chronomirages из будущего, тем более что
    Today, even official science has revised its attitude to such
    concept as time;
  • according to others, the fault is portals in parallel worlds,
    which for a moment show us a different reality, different from
    our physical reality;
  • If you believe the third, it is a secret celestial
    megacities created by decree of the powerful and with variable
    success hidden from the eyes of the inhabitants through
    high-tech camouflage;
  • fourth most skeptical users of the web
    Internet, they claim that these are just ordinary mirages caused by
    reflection in the dirty air of real skyscrapers.

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