In the sky over New Zealand, noticed “burning”undefined object

The other day late in the evening residents of the city of Masterton New Zealand
were very surprised when a “fire” ball appeared in the sky – either
alien ship, or some mysterious phenomenon. Some
even thought about military intervention …

Ufologists, watching videos of eyewitnesses (and it turned out
quite a few), came to the conclusion that the UFO of fiery light (as if on
in fact, the object is burning) is very similar to the alien ship.
He moves across the sky, he slowly and completely silently.

And although from local independent researchers definitely
no one made any conclusions, the residents of Masterton themselves are sure
that they witnessed the very present alien UFO
origin. As ufologists clarified, this object first appeared
around 6 pm, and then he was seen several more times over the city.
What did he do in the sky over New Zealand and who was it in
the reality is unclear.

UFO identification is compounded by night time and especially its
�”Fieryness”, which does not allow to consider even
outlines of the ship. However, as the Taiwanese researcher says
similar phenomena Scott Waring, such fireballs he has observed already
more than once, and therefore sure almost one hundred percent – this is not an earthly apparatus,
not a drone and not some super modern helicopter.

If you carefully increase and consider in detail the object,
adds waring, then he is like nothing terrestrial that is known
iron and flies, and super secret military devices of the earth
origin no one will demonstrate or experience
Masterton at night is a complete absurdity.

By the way, such UFOs appear exactly in that place and at that time,
emphasizes the famous ufologist, where none of the military will
nothing to experience. And then this absolute noiseless flight – she
also says a lot. I have not yet seen earthly apparatuses not publishing
sounds, with the exception of miniature drones, which are at high altitude
not really audible. But this is clearly not miniature.
drone …

Whatever it was, but this is in general an ordinary case and
completely poor-quality videos for some reason done on the web
internet is a little commotion. Apparently, fiery UFO – it’s still
rarity. Although this is surprising: people began to perceive
�“Flying saucers” are quite calm, and even such “burning” objects
in the night sky do not terrify people, as it could happen,
for example, twenty years ago …

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