In the sky over Seattle filmed a group of UFOs

Some UFO videos that appear on the web,
designed to ensure that Internet users simply admire
mysterious flights of aliens, without really going into the arguments,
what is it and why.

It is for this purpose that this video is posted, in
comments to which the author modestly wrote only the following: this
happened on the evening of October 9th over the outskirts of the city of Seattle. And – everything
even authorship is not specified. And why, actually, when and so
understandable: three unidentified objects are flying – bright and mysterious
asterisks. This, of course, is very interesting and admire such
picture is worth it. But we still do not understand, nor who it is, nor
what for…

By the way, as one ufologist noted, truly bright materials
about “flying saucers” is becoming less and less – and this is not
despite the fact that everyone has a video camera in their pocket today. Either
aliens have become more cautious, or fakes (colorful fakes
about UFO) diminished? ..

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