In the sky over the state of Indiana captured twothe sun

Stephen Spalding from the US state of Indiana became last
week witness a very unusual celestial phenomenon. According to
According to the man, early in the morning of September 19, he looked out the window and with
surprised to see among the clouds two separate sources of light,
like a pair of red suns instead of the usual
lonely luminary. As you might guess, our hero immediately grabbed
smartphone and captured the anomaly on video. This video you
You can contemplate a little lower.

The American admits: he has no idea what the phenomenon was
– два the sun. Meanwhile, the World Wide Web users,
acquainted with the mysterious roller, pushing a variety of
version of what happened. According to some, it was known, although
quite rare atmospheric phenomenon. Others believe that with
Earth, finally, became close to the legendary planet Nibiru. If a
believe the third, before us is a miracle of religious persuasion. Fourth
talk about parallel worlds and about a possible break in

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