In the Smolensk region in the Dnieper River sawincomprehensible fish or animal

This video began to gain popularity on the Internet.
late, because it can see snow along the banks of the Dnieper River, and
the very surface of the aquatic artery floating remains of ice. And among these
the ice signs of early spring are moving something else that struck
the imagination of the family that videotaped it all.

Woman and man offscreen, as well as their son, whose mother
affectionately calls Bunny, discuss what is it? From one
side, a female voice sounds, like an icy log, but this
clearly a living creature: it moves, turns backwards and most importantly – floats
against the flow of the river, creating waves.

A man agrees with his wife, who by his eyes determines
that the animal is very large. Maybe it’s a catfish, he suggests.
in the river, I heard, there are large specimens …

However, Internet users, who today strenuously
comment on this video, doubted about the catfish, because
too unusual for a fish in this river monster tail (on
the title picture we showed a huge catfish – for comparison). TO
Moreover, the catfish would not swim for so long on the surface of the river. AT
at best, if only it seemed and went back to the depths – here
something else …

The fact that this living being does not cause doubts
since the beast is constantly moving, he can
consider even something like paws …

Despite the fact that the video does not allow with accuracy
identify the animal many users of the social network
ATTOонтакте, где и появился этот загадочный материал, согласились
at least with the fact that the movie is really interesting because
The cameraman caught something unusual in the camera lens.

TOстати, для тех, кто этого еще не знает, уточним, что исток
Great Slavic River Dnieper is located in the Smolensk region
Russia, and for some time this water artery runs among Smolensk
lands and forests. So do not think that the great Dnieper,
which, as Gogol wrote, not every bird will fly, it is a river
only the Ukraine.

And as it turns out, mysterious ones are found in this Russian river
animals that float like that in the spring on its surface and in
at best, the locals are surprised, at worst – even a little
scare …

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