In the solar system, two suns and a planetNibiru

The fact that there are two Suns in the Solar System, said not
anyone, and the world famous astronomer Paul Cox. First time he
started talking about it back in 2016, in the comments on the occasion
the passage of Mercury against the background of the Luminary, but then his assertions
colleagues in the workshop and other scientists took for a joke – anything can happen,
academic council people love to laugh too.

But now the year 2018 has come, and Paul Cox continues aggressively
to repeat it – there is a second star in the solar system.
Moreover, he made a practically public statement about this:

Nobody even suspects the second Sun in our system.
planets, and it is, it is already here. Such space organizations
like NASA, have long been aware of this, but they are strenuously hiding this fact from
the general public, however, they always tell people
not true …

Or maybe the second star, some wonder.
fatalist astronomers exist in a parallel dimension, and in our
physical world, it only rarely manifests itself? In certain
periods, for example, the most disastrous for the Earth. Abnormal
heavenly phenomena have recently become almost the norm, not
does all this indicate that the long promised is approaching
Apocalypse? Отсюда и два Солнца, и планета Nibiru и еще черт знает
that – and put all this in the framework of orthodox science
it turns out …

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