In the stormy sky, a colossal disc was noticed.sizes

US resident John Flanagan tells that he drove through the night of June 1
past the city of Huntsville (Alabama) and accidentally witnessed
an astounding celestial phenomenon that can hardly be explained

The American says that there was a thunderstorm, and he, moving along
freeway by car, decided to capture flash lightning on camera
smartphone However, something unpredictable happened. In a certain
a mysterious silver disk appeared in the dark sky
колоссальных sizes. Of course, the operator immediately considered that
captured on video an unidentified flying object.

Once on the World Wide Web, the video below caused
heated discussion among web users. Some commentators
claim that Flanagan beheld the “flying saucer” of representatives
extraterrestrial civilization. According to others, it was some kind of
a bizarre celestial phenomenon. Still others are convinced that John took for
UFO reflection of a certain object in the car window. Finally found
and such skeptics who thought that an American was engaged
a hoax, and before us is the result of skillful video editing. Author
records in response to this states that the accusations of materialists

Many ufologists who studied this material came to
conclude that the American really filmed a real UFO. According to
such researchers, an unidentified object is visually located
much farther than glass, therefore it cannot be
reflection of the object inside the cabin. Also, if it were
there really was a reflection, it would be visible in the window constantly, and
not only during lightning flashes.

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