In the swamp under Cherepovets disappear without a tracepeople

Not far from the Russian city of Cherepovets, Vologda region,
somewhat north of Lake Ivachevskoye, the “Living” swamp lurked,
popularly named because of the fact that for several
centuries in this truly mortal place disappears without a trace
people like a mysterious bog consciously lures and then
sucks up (devours) its numerous victims.

At first glance it may seem quite natural: on
it is a swamp so that it can be avoided, because any
bog for someone (frivolous and careless) anyway
becomes a grave. But here’s the catch: in the Living Swamp dying
there are 3-4 times more people than in other similar quagmires of Russia.
Moreover, for several centuries here hundreds of people disappeared without a trace
nor did any of the dead bodies were found, although
swampy corpses are found quite often …

To this should be added the stories of those lucky ones who
came under the influence of the local “swamp spirit”, but somehow, with
prayers and God’s help, managed to escape from this trap. So
Here they say that the traveler, who was next to it
damn place, suddenly irrational fear attacks, and
so powerful and all-consuming that it literally stirs the mind and
makes a person do the most incredible things for example
heading straight to the quagmire
end life as quickly as possible.

Как правило, такие people в дальнейшем обходили Живое болото, как
it is said in Russia, by the tenth party, or even completely left the local
places, feeling the influence of the “marsh spirit” even at a distance.

What do scientists say about this? They claim that at the bottom of the swamp,
algae are likely to grow, which produce hallucinogens when
its rotting. Getting into the air, these toxic substances
affect the human body, causing panic and forcing it
perform manic deeds. It is possible, that’s the only way
remains a secret behind seven seals why for several centuries
mentions of the terrible vologda swamp, not a single person who died
in this black spot was never found. Как правило, people потом
find empty carts, now cars or other equipment, and
there is no person (sometimes several) – as if that person has evaporated …

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