In the United States decided to defrost WaltDisney

At least, such a conspiracy idea has somehow become
heavily exaggerated in the US press lately, although until
of this any rumors that a great american multiplier,
the founder of The Walt Disney Company was simply frozen
suppressed power structures. After all, according to the official
versions, Walter Elias Disney died of cancer on December 15, 1966 and
was cremated.

True conspiracy theorists and then surprised that the first frozen
the man turned out to be unknown to anyone before Professor James
Bedford (allegedly an employee of the University of California), and
this event occurred (officially announced) in just under a month
после смерти Уолтера Disney.

Since then, cryonics, as a science and, most importantly, as a practice, has gone
far ahead, suffice it to say that only according to official data
in the US, about 300 people were frozen and more than 50 in Russia, not to mention
already about other countries, for example, about China. Enough for this occasion
recall the Chinese woman – writer Du Hong.

Why did conspiracy therapists suddenly talk about freezing Walter
Disney, если официально он просто похоронен? There are many
reasons, the main of which are the following:

  • this man was terrified of death and therefore very
    was interested in cryonics;
  • his funeral was closed, for this reason no one
    one hundred percent accuracy can not say whether he is buried in the very
  • родственники Disney отвергали даже малейшие слухи о заморозке
    Walter, moreover, similar conversations in the press immediately exposed
    some monstrously powerful criticism;
  • something lately the press has been talking too vigorously about
    this, as if the public consciousness is preparing for what has already come
    time not only to freeze, but also to thaw people. AND
    Naturally, Walter Elias Disney – the most suitable for this

Like it or not, I think, will be known in the near future.
It is quite possible that all this will turn out to be another “newspaper duck”,
but the fact that people have already started talking about freezing people, and this
conversations at the level of a solid press, say a lot – something
changing in cryonics. That’s just what? ..

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