In the US, demolished the mysterious statue of the troll

In August of this year in the American city of Breckenridge, the state
Colorado, erected for 40 thousand dollars a large statue called
Friendly troll. The author of the wooden sculpture was the Danish
artist Thomas Dumbo.

A work of art set along the road between the abandoned
career and residential array. Nobody even suspected that
harmless, at first glance, innovation will frighten many citizens and
will be a real stumbling block to achieving universal

The start is probably worth the fact that the 4.6-meter Friendly
the troll with “live” eyes and a good-natured face turned out to be incredibly
popular with visitors. Information about the statue instantly
scattered over social media and over the past four months
An unusual attraction was visited by tens of thousands of tourists.
However, for a city with a population of 4,500, this turned out to be
a heavy burden.

Travelers who wanted to see the troll flooded the streets.
and public transport, swept away everything from the shops,
constantly bothered the locals inquiries about the whereabouts
sculptures. Of course, not all ordinary people were happy
the influx of visitors. At first, the authorities of Breckenridge erected around
sculptures fence to not allow tourists to cut the path
between the houses, they set garbage bins near the troll and
sent there patrol to maintain order.

However, soon in the city persistent rumors spread that to the statue
at night, doubtful personalities began to come around, like
sectarians or even satanists. This information is confirmed when
the police admitted that they had stumbled a couple of times in the dark
on the strange people who were near the Friendly troll some
rituals. However, bringing them to justice was not for
what. Alleged sectarians did not offer sacrifices, not
kindled bonfires and did not even litter near the statue.

Further – more interesting. At the beginning of this month, several
locals said they allegedly saw a troll glow
at night eyes. Then they began to say that the sculpture comes alive with
the onset of darkness and even moving as if preparing to
get off your seat.

As a result, the work of Thomas Dumbo decisively demolished. According to
officials, blame was the unnecessary influx to Breckenridge
holidaymakers, but many citizens suspect that the problem
it was in the supernatural properties of the statue …

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