In the USA, the biggest jackpot in history has been brokenAmerican lotteries – 1.6 billion dollars

It happened in South Carolina, where, according to the laws of this
The state lottery prize of this kind is not taxed.

Thanks to this, the lucky winner of a winning ticket can
get under the terms of the lottery itself or 917 million at once or all
the amount due to him for 30 years – that is, 53 million per
year, which in itself is already a lot of money, able to make happy
any person, even with the biggest material

While the organizers of the Powerball lottery do not report anyone who tore off
the jackpot or the place where the ticket was sold. Based on a huge amount
winning, most likely, his anonymity will be respected and in
Further, in order not to expose the lucky one who once in the morning
woke up a billionaire, at risk from crooks and gangsters.

It is reported only that the person who sold the winning ticket,
also turned out to be among the lucky ones, because, according to the rules
lottery, will receive 50 thousand bonus dollars.

Mathematicians have already calculated that the chance to break such a jackpot
was equal to one in 302 million possible options. And still
This sole owner of such a large win was found.
Now psychics and other seers are wondering why so
happened – whether a person has perfect pure karma and he was
destined to be so easily and fabulously enriched, or is it a huge
the test that is placed on the shoulders of an American.

As the famous Russian psychic, parapsychologist and
writer Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev, to rejoice in such a gain is not
it is worth, rather, on the contrary, you need to be afraid, because money is
energy, and big money is colossal energy capable
ruin a person if he is not ready for it.

This confirms the practice, because few of these
�The “lucky ones” became really happy after that.
Almost everyone later wrote that winning the lottery brought them
only additional problems and sorrows. A lot of those who are just
died after such wealth fell on him, died in the very
in the truest sense of the word – was killed, went missing, died suddenly
It is not known what, drunk, got into the mental hospital, and so on …

So you do not know, be glad for the newly-made
American multimillionaire or sympathize with him …


Ps. As it became known later, the unique 1.6 jackpot
billion will be divided between three Americans – all of them
turned out to be winners in this unique lottery draw
Powerball. By the way, if it hadn’t happened yet, the jackpot
rose to 2 billion dollars …

And one more interesting note from users.
The World Wide Web: why is it as soon as a big win falls
in the American lottery (any), so it immediately several
lucky recruited? Suspicious, however …

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