In the video, lightning strikes a “flyinga plate

The following video was taken on August 16
this year in the small American town of Gustine, a state
California. A strong thunderstorm began at night over the village, and one of
local residents decided to capture the bad weather on video from his
balcony, not even knowing that it will fall into the lens of his camera.

According to an unknown operator, when he started shooting
what was happening on the camera of the smartphone, then soon noticed with surprise
something strange over the horizon. With every flash of lightning there
loomed the silhouette of a cigar-shaped object, suspiciously
similar to the classic apparatus of unearthly origin.

At some point, our hero realized that this unidentified
a flying object literally attracts electric discharges,
as if it feeds on their colossal energy. In addition, American
suddenly I felt that some kind of
tangible vibrations felt for many kilometers, including
reaching the operator himself. This not only surprised, but also in
to some extent frightened a man. Deciding to be careful, he
quickly stopped filming a UFO and returned to his apartment.

Many world ufologists were very impressed with the data.
material. So, the famous Taiwanese UFO specialist Scott
Waring, who read the recording, immediately concluded that it was
aircraft of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization,
�”Charged” with electric energy from a lightning. This supposedly
seen and filmed on video more than once, but in this case
American lucky enough to capture this process very
qualitatively and convincingly.

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