In the video of 1999 found flying metalball

The video below was shown in 1999 on
NASA TV, owned by the US National
space agency. Currently on the official website
departments can not even find a mention of this video, and
ufologists guess why. UFO and extraterrestrial researchers
civilizations found an old digitized from a videotape record of this
broadcast and hurried to share it with users of the World
spider webs

Unusual material demonstrates the American module.
International Space Station, near which unexpectedly
flying mysterious object, suspiciously similar to the relatively
large metal sphere. UFO is visible in the frame just a few
seconds, however, it cannot be confused with a shooting defect or
some gleam in the camera lens. Ufologists are convinced that
it was an aircraft of alien origin. Canadian
Specialist Jeff Freiser gives the opinion:

Before us is clearly a drone “green men”
interested in the activities of earthlings in orbit and the appearance there
ISS. In consequence, we will have repeated evidence.
the fact that aliens are closely watching the International Space
station. In this case, NASA specialists were lucky
fix one of the first scouts near the ISS, and
employees of the american space agency apparently not
immediately noticed him on video …

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